Mobile vs. Desktop: Are You Seeing Different Results?

by Benjamin Combs | January 10, 2017

google-serp-faqsDuring a keynote from Google at a recent conference in Las Vegas, a rep stated that they will be separating their mobile index from their desktop index. This means you will see different results depending on which device you use to perform a query. Google has also said that the mobile index will be the primary index, and it will be the fresher of the two (meaning it will see updates more quickly). Now that Google has made this announcement official, what does this mean for you?

Well, not a whole lot right now.

While this change is an exciting new direction for the search giant, they have been subtly nudging everyone toward enhancing their mobile experience for years. At cj Advertising, we have been following the data (as well as the nudges) and have added mobile-specific processes to our site builds. In the past, we designed sites with mobile versions. However, as technology has advanced, we’ve started building our sites with responsive designs that allow the mobile experience to be more similar to the desktop version.

Our team will continue to monitor for any changes coming in the future, and we’ll communicate if anything is going to change on your sites.