Politics As (The New) Usual

Political advertising has become big business. Current projections for 2020 spending are as high as $10 billion. We are all impacted by this in our personal lives—political ads are everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid. For the foreseeable future, each new election cycle will be […]

What are we really watching?

As Laura mentioned last week, there is a big buzz in Media about the transformation of TV viewing. She gave definitions for acronyms and introduced us to the changing landscape of television. Today, we’ll start looking into who is watching what.

104 Days until (Broadcast) 2017! cj’s Annual Placement Process

It’s September. Many people are thinking about their holiday plans for 2016. Meanwhile, your media team can tell you that Thanksgiving 2017 is on November 23 and Christmas 2017 is the last Monday in December. We are currently on step 12 (of 26) in the […]

Use Your Best Discretion – Buys Built to Build Your Brand

Your cj Media team takes a lot of pride in building schedules that make your phone ring. Our Direct Response (DR) buys have been proven to generate calls for our clients. Your phone has been ringing off the hook for a while. You own daytime […]

26 Steps to Greatness: cj’s Annual Placement Process

Part 6 of a multi-part series on “Going Behind the Media Curtain”  We told you that it’s all about the calls. We showed you what we do when calls are low. Rewind for a second. We keep mentioning making revisions to help your calls, but […]

Check 1,2  – Media’s Monthly Invoicing Process

Part 5 of a multi-part series on “Going Behind the Media Curtain” In 2014, cj placed over $26 million in television ad buys. Over 1.1 million spots were purchased. TV stations are great and all, but surely not all of those 1.1 million spots ran […]

Station Packages: To Buy or Not to Buy

Part 2 of a multi-part series on “Going Behind the Media Curtain” That station account executive that has been trying to get a call with you for weeks finally gets you on the phone. They have a sales pitch for you—“It’s a great deal, you […]