104 Days until (Broadcast) 2017! cj’s Annual Placement Process

by Darron McKnight | September 13, 2016

Two houses, one framed and one finished sit unoccupied with a large red dumpsterIt’s September. Many people are thinking about their holiday plans for 2016. Meanwhile, your media team can tell you that Thanksgiving 2017 is on November 23 and Christmas 2017 is the last Monday in December. We are currently on step 12 (of 26) in the Annual Buy Process. We started working on this in late July with the goal of all schedules being placed by early December.

Building a Media House

We spend time in the summer laying the foundation for solid buys for the next year. Our buys are organized in the same manner consistently across buyers, in a manner that is the most efficient for us to work our proven buying strategy. As I mentioned last year, we have naming conventions and systems in place to make sure that all of our t’s are crossed and i’s dotted.

Our buying team has been through our buying cycle a combined 21 times. We lean on this experience to help us get through our buying season. While we work to making sure that your 2017 buy is the best it can possibly be, we continue to maintain efficient 2016 buys, reconcile invoices, evaluate opportunities from stations, and stay on top of industry news. We know that we can’t build a 2017 buy without maintaining the strong foundation that we’ve had for years.

More relevant to you, during the annual buy process we also make sure we’re maximizing your schedules by getting the best possible rates from TV stations. Laura filled you in on the importance of accurate call information. This is another time when we use our tracking to make sure that we are running in the most efficient and effective programs for your brand.

While we place “new” buys every year, please keep in mind that we make changes to placement, traffic, and budget as needed, all year. We see your schedules as one long, continuous campaign. While the start of a new year is a good time to make changes, do not feel like you need to wait until then to make changes to your schedule. Please reach out to Laura to discuss your media options.