Google’s “Not Secure” Warning and How to Avoid It

For over a year now, Google has been pushing sites to move to https/SSL and has rolled out waves of “penalties” for sites that hadn’t made the transition. The last wave happened January 2017 and penalized sites that collected certain types of sensitive information over an […]

Robotic Lawyers: Is Your Firm Next?

Whether you’re asking Siri for the weather forecast or having your living room vacuumed by an autonomous scooter, artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated our daily lives. Science fiction is becoming practical reality, but not without raising questions and concerns. While our clients in the personal […]

Attack Ads: Three Reasons Why Lawyers Should Refrain

During the political season, our TVs are plastered with ads supporting one candidate and knocking down the next. Attack ads are common practice in politics, and they’re starting to become a trend in lawyer advertising as well. In fact, according to Bloomberg, money spent on […]

Google Pigeon and your Local Search Rankings

You may have noticed some changes to your local search engine results lately. That’s because Google recently released their Pigeon update to help increase the relevancy and accuracy of its local search results. This new update places less emphasis on Google’s own local listings by […]

Law Firm Marketing: The Real Scoop on Live Chat for Your Website

Onsite chat has become an increasingly popular way to communicate with website visitors. It gives visitors the opportunity to receive convenient, instant feedback on their questions and concerns from a live person, and increases the likelihood of engaging visitors who may not want to call […]