Law Firm Marketing: The Real Scoop on Live Chat for Your Website

by Kelly Hays | July 10, 2014

Onsite chat has become an increasingly popular way to communicate with website visitors. It gives visitors the opportunity to receive convenient, instant feedback on their questions and concerns from a live person, and increases the likelihood of engaging visitors who may not want to call or fill out a form. But how can you ensure you’re properly utilizing onsite chat?

Don’t Be Annoying

Placement and implementation are important factors to consider when adding chat to your site. There are several ways to implement chat: popup windows, bouncing chat boxes, fixed chat buttons, and many other variations.

The most successful approaches are subtle and professional. Use a click-to-chat button positioned in the bottom corner of the website in addition to a pop-up window. This implementation is attention-grabbing, but not bothersome or intrusive.

Websites that utilize a chat system that bounces or moves around in the hopes of drawing attention have a lower interaction rate. Heat mapping shows the majority of visitors dismiss these bouncing boxes almost immediately. Bouncing windows that appear on every page are particularly distracting to visitors and may decrease the length of time spent on the site. Visitors to your website want the option to seek help if they need it, not to feel pressured to engage in a chat they may deem unnecessary.

Match Your Branding

It’s important to use a chat interface that matches the overall look and feel of your website. If possible, use branded images and colors that match your site to reassure your visitors the person they will chat with is actually a representative of your firm. Avoid using over-the-top and distracting graphics that don’t match your brand.

Be Mindful of Mobile

Take into account how your implementation of chat will translate to mobile. If the mobile version of chat is not easy to navigate, you may find visitors quickly leaving your website. Users should have the option to easily dismiss the chat box. The mobile version of your website should be just as easy to use as the desktop version, and chat should not negatively impact user experience.

Chat can be an excellent addition to your website, but only if implemented correctly. cj Advertising specializes in online marketing for law firms and can help you understand how to effectively implement chat on your firm’s site. Reach out to your Interactive Client Services Manager for ideas on how to use onsite chat to increase user engagement and drive conversions.