Putting Cost Per Lead in Perspective

“Everything in life has its price.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist For each of you, there are currently cases in your pipeline that came to you virtually free: a past client referral, a favor from a fellow attorney, a paralegal’s sister. These can fuel incredible […]

Crumley Roberts – Greg Jones Law Q&A

In late 2014, Crumley Roberts agreed to take over the Greg Jones Law brand in Wilmington, North Carolina. While intake and management is now handled out of Crumley Roberts’ main office in Greensboro, the change is virtually invisible to the Wilmington market, with TV spots and online presence remaining Greg Jones Law. We recently spoke with […]

William Mattar – Community Involvement Q & A

Since 1990, William Mattar Law Offices have been helping the people of New York get their lives back on track after an accident. In that time, William Mattar has become a fixture in Buffalo and beyond, not just for his memorable phone number and taglines, but for how the firm gives back […]

Better than Evernote®

In the past several months, as we revamped our cj Client Services team and created more direct interaction between you and each department, we decided our BHAG is to be the best source of market, industry, and firm knowledge for our clients and the agency. […]

Woods & Woods – Veterans Benefits Q & A

What led the firm to start advertising for veterans benefits cases? Prior to June 2007, you generally could not get paid for representing a veteran. I represented many veterans for free because I hated to turn them away. The law changed in 2007 to allow lawyers to get paid. When we […]

Rainwater, Holt & Sexton – Remembering Stephen Holt

In 2006, Mike Rainwater, Stephen Holt, and Bob Sexton founded what is now the largest personal injury law firm in Arkansas. Seven years later, Stephen discovered he had ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and passed away in January 2014. We recently spoke with Mike and Bob about the life and legacy […]

Nurenberg Paris – Creative Vision Q & A

Since 2008, cj Advertising has had the privilege of working with Nurenberg Paris, an Ohio-based firm with more than 85 years in the business. Recently, we sat down with Managing Partner David Paris to discuss the creative direction for their advertising, as well as his vision for the future […]

Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough – National Complex Torts Q & A

Six years ago, Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough transitioned completely from personal injury to complex torts. Since then, they have become a national leader with one of the largest case inventories in the country. Recently, we sat down with Jesse Ferrer to discuss the firm’s success and where he […]

Norris Injury Lawyers – Legal Defense Q & A

Since 2001, cj Advertising has had the privilege of working with Norris Injury Lawyers—a top brand in the Birmingham market and one of the most respected firms in the cj family. We recently spoke with Robert Norris about a $10.5 million judgment that took 14 years for the firm […]