William Mattar – Community Involvement Q & A

by Richmond Williams | January 27, 2015

Since 1990, William Mattar Law Offices have been helping the people of New York get their lives back on track after an accident. In that time, William Mattar has become a fixture in Buffalo and beyond, not just for his memorable phone number and taglines, but for how the firm gives back to the communities it serves. We spoke with William about the firm’s various initiatives and how they tie together.

When and how did you decide that involvement in your community was important to the firm?
Supporting our community is a very important part of “The Mattar Way.” This guiding principle behind the firm upholds the following promises: Together Serve our Clients, Support our Colleagues, Love our Families, Support our Community. As a firm, we live this every day through our community involvement.

How do you decide what efforts to get involved in? Do you research and seek opportunities or do people come to you?
We receive many requests from organizations in the community. We have a Community Service Committee at the firm that handles many of the
decisions on which efforts we will support during the year. We also have many employees who are involved in various community organizations, and we are often able to assist with their efforts as well.

What are you most excited about currently?This month, we are running our 7th Annual Safe & Sober Free Ride Home Program. The program runs on New Year’s Eve. Through our partnership with Designated Drivers of Buffalo and Designated Drivers of Rochester, we are able to offer free rides home to people who may otherwise decide to drink and drive. This program is unique because we are able to return the driver and car home safely.

We also just wrapped up our annual Adopt-a-Shelter Animal Month, and once again had an incredible community response to our Pet Photo
Contest on Facebook. The winner of the contest gets to designate an animal rescue organization to receive a donation from the firm. In October, we supported Breast Cancer Awareness and changed our blue logos to pink for the month. Check out www.WilliamMattar.com/Community to learn about additional community involvement ideas.

What ties all of your community efforts together?
Our dedication to supporting those who live in our communities is what ties our efforts together. Everyone has some cause or interest that is close to their heart, and we try to support a wide range of organizations throughout the year to touch as many lives as we can in the community.
When we first started, we limited our involvement to initiatives that supported safety. However, we soon determined that it is more important to have passion about the cause rather than having it be solely a safety initiative.

How do you get the word out about all of these different initiatives? How does it tie into your other firm marketing activities?
We use social media to advertise our community efforts, as well as press releases, TV and radio spots. We also do appearances on local morning TV news/talk shows to discuss our more extensive campaigns. During those appearances, we are often able to include information about accident claim deadlines and how we can help people after an accident as well. We find that an easy way to help a cause is to use a part of our marketing
machine to highlight a need.

What do you want the people of New York to remember most about your community involvement?
We want people to know that we are here to help and support them, not only if they have been in an accident, but also through our various community endeavors. As our motto says: Helping People. It’s What We Do. That’s true for our clients, but also true for the community at large. We are also here to help the friends and colleagues we’ve met through cj Advertising. Feel free to call if you would like more details on
how we support our community.