Location EXPlosion

by David Rumsey | January 23rd, 2014

To rattle off the names of all the law firms EXP worked with and visited in 2013 would sound like the Johnny Cash song I’ve Been Everywhere. Suffice it to say, this was a crazy friggin’ year for us. The EXP crew worked with more law firms, traveled to more locales, and shot more videos than ever before.

Check out these numbers and this video to see what EXP did in 2013:

  • Produced 417 videos and commercials
  • Visited 7 different cities
  • Collaborated with 17 different law firms
  • Shot 11,214 minutes of footage


Dos and Don’ts for TV Lawyers

by David Rumsey | December 20th, 2013

Being a lawyer who advertises ain’t easy. You work your ass off  building and maintaining a top law practice 364 days a year. But then on day 365, you have to transform into a polished TV spokesperson. Pressure? Not with Creative Services watching your back.

Nothing makes us happier than helping you say a killer line the way it needs to be said. Our producers and crew work tirelessly so that, after a shoot, you return home a conquering hero.

Even though we go over all the details well ahead of time, the more you know the better. As you ponder New Year’s resolutions for 2014, here are the essential dos and don’ts of a lawyer commercial shoot.


The Select Shoot: Pick a Winner

by David Rumsey | September 11th, 2013

One of the great advantages of being a cj client is tapping into the wisdom of other likeminded personal injury entrepreneurs. This agency fosters an environment where clients help each other solve issues with business strategy, case opportunities, and best of all, marketing.

In Creative Services, we toggle between being a conduit for this free exchange of ideas and a constant source of new creative.  Our Select Shoot package is a great example of how we embrace both roles in order to best serve our clients.­­­­­­­­­ (more…)

Social Proof 2: Man’s New Best Friend

by Creative Services | June 19th, 2013

This post was written by Nicole Melton, Producer at cj Advertising.

In my last blog post, I promised more on the subject of Social Proof, so here you go. Let’s start with a recap.

As author Robert Cialdini explained in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Social Proof is one of the Six Principles of Influence.

Basically, we’re hard-wired to look for social cues that will tell us what to do, and what is appropriate. We observe our peers, people most like us, to find these cues. For example, isn’t part of the reason you read our blog to see what your colleagues or competitors are doing? That’s Social Proof.


Social Proof: Everybody Calls a Lawyer

by Creative Services | June 6th, 2013

This post was written by Nicole Melton, Producer at cj Advertising.

Proof is pretty important to lawyers, right? If you’re going to sway a judge or a jury, you better hope you have some. In criminal cases, “Exhibit A” can literally mean life or death. Proof makes all the difference.

In advertising, proof is also a powerful influencer, and in the Production & Design department of cj Advertising, “social proof” is always a hot topic. Here’s why. In the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, author Robert Cialdini lists Social Proof as one of his Six Principles of Influence.


Why Accident Victims Call Law Firms

by David Rumsey | June 6th, 2013

Here in P & D, we don’t do anything by accident. Drawing from published reports, call data, and analysis of competitor spots, even our most experimental work is based on hands-on experience and trusted research.

And whenever the available info becomes a little stale, we’re not afraid to do some heavy lifting for the sake of fresher research.

That’s what happened in 2010 when we conducted a hidden survey in which callers to 10 different law firms were asked a single question:

“As an accident victim, what are you most concerned about right now?”

Some 500 responses later, here’s what we learned.


Ask Yourself Why

by Creative Services | May 2nd, 2013

This post was written by Cary Graham, Copywriter at cj Advertising.

Back in September 2009, Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, spoke at TEDx. Since then, the video of his talk has been viewed more than 10 million times on More than a few of those views can be attributed to cj Advertising, as the philosophy Sinek proposes directly impacts our work and our clients’ brands.

This blog post provides a brief overview of the concept and demonstrates a few ways we’ve incorporated it into our advertising.


Mike Bottaro’s Spot “Selection”

by Chasity Phillips | April 12th, 2013

Car Accident? It’s Good to Know…Mike Bottaro!

Mike Bottaro was the first to take advantage of our new Select Shoot option. It incorporates proven scripts, a cool pre-produced graphics package, and best of all, a quick turnaround. Check it out!

For details about the benefits of the Select Shoot option, contact Executive Producer Jennifer Floyd or your Client Services representative.

Social Security: The Game Is Changing

by David Rumsey | March 28th, 2013

This post was written by Megan Hayes, Producer at cj Advertising.

At cj Advertising, we’re always looking for ways to give our clients a competitive edge—especially when it comes to the fast-evolving field of Social Security Disability.

In recent months, the Social Security Administration has released important new information that the Production & Design team has proactively decided to include in our ads. Here are some of our take-aways from two recent reports from the Social Security Advisory Board.


Rocky Mountain Hi!

by Chasity Phillips | February 13th, 2013

During our week long shoot in Colorado, we captured the McDivitt family in their “natural habitat.” This firm truly cares about their community, and they want to share that message. In a heartfelt spot called “Family Community,” you can see and believe that McDivitt Law Firm is the real deal.

If you have a message you need to share, cj can put your story into action. For more information, contact your Client Services representative or team.