The Select Shoot: Pick a Winner

by David Rumsey | September 11, 2013

One of the great advantages of being a cj client is tapping into the wisdom of other likeminded personal injury entrepreneurs. This agency fosters an environment where clients help each other solve issues with business strategy, case opportunities, and best of all, marketing.

In Creative Services, we toggle between being a conduit for this free exchange of ideas and a constant source of new creative.  Our Select Shoot package is a great example of how we embrace both roles in order to best serve our clients.­­­­­­­­­

“Something old, something new…”

You want to know what’s working for other firms? You want great-looking spots? You want to be on the air fast? The Select Shoot package is designed for you. More than a price point on a rate card, the Select Shoot is the combination of proven messaging and visual artistry packaged in way that creates instant value for your brand.

When it comes to your advertising, sometimes you need to try something new. Other times, you go with something that’s been proven to work. When your brand needs the latter and speed-to-market is a concern, we recommend the Select Shoot.

The Deets of the Select Shoot:

  • You tell us you want the Select Shoot.
  • We quickly provide a variety of proven scripts that address your goals for tone, message, and results.
  • You select your favorite scripts and come to Nashville for a green screen shoot.
  • Within a month of the shoot, your eight spots are ready for air—completely tricked out with graphics, music, sound effects, and b-roll.

Fast, effective, and affordable, the Select Shoot is great for veterans and new clients alike. Several firms have already taken advantage of this package, and more are on the books for 2013.

If you want a closer look, check out the sizzle video below. Produced by Senior Editor Jonathan Barker, this bit of eye candy was intended for internal promotion, but I thought it would give interested parties a visual sampling of what’s possible with the Select Shoot package.


Photo from Flickr by: sean dreilinger