Location EXPlosion

by David Rumsey | January 23, 2014

To rattle off the names of all the law firms EXP worked with and visited in 2013 would sound like the Johnny Cash song I’ve Been Everywhere. Suffice it to say, this was a crazy friggin’ year for us. The EXP crew worked with more law firms, traveled to more locales, and shot more videos than ever before.

Check out these numbers and this video to see what EXP did in 2013:

  • Produced 417 videos and commercials
  • Visited 7 different cities
  • Collaborated with 17 different law firms
  • Shot 11,214 minutes of footage

Why so popular? We’d like to think it’s our boyish good looks, but (sigh) it probably has more to do with our talent, flexibility, and newly expanded offerings. Since merging with Production to form Creative Services, we’ve found ways to give law firms more bang for their buck. As a result, we’ve had an explosion of interest in our location shoots.

Think about this. In a typical thee-day location shoot, our small crew can knock out a bevy of informational videos, testimonials, attorney bios, and broadcast spots AND bank enough B-roll footage along the way to be used in future videos down the road. And here’s the best part:

  • Nobody in your firm has to travel or be off-desk for extended periods of time.
  • For EXP subscribers, the shoot is done at-cost!*

Book a Hometown Shoot with EXP

Consumer appetite for video content on the Web continues to grow, and keeping fresh content on the tube is as important as ever. At Creative Services, we feel we have the perfect marketing solution. A hometown visit from EXP is a great way to stockpile a wealth of high-quality videos that will satisfy both your immediate and future marketing needs.

Interested? We’re booking location shoots right now for 2014. Contact Bill Filipiak to configure a shoot that delivers the right blend of content for your budget.

 *Editing costs for broadcast commercials is not included.