Rain? Sleet? Snow?

by Angel Putman | April 28th, 2017


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow…

No, we aren’t going to talk about the USPS, but let’s talk about the weather and how that affects calls.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature can take a toll on our commutes. We all know that accident numbers rise when adverse weather comes into play. It can be a light rain, a blizzard, thunderstorms, hurricanes, you name it. Accidents are going to happen, and people are going to need help.


The Camel Client…

by Media | June 4th, 2013

This blog post was written by Caitlin Zarrella, Media Data Manager at cj Advertising.

The Camel Client — TCC. The question isn’t “what is it?” The question is “who is it?” (more…)

Media Placement – Core Belief #5

by Angel Putman | October 4th, 2012


Front-loading the week first (add days with dollars) is the most productive strategy because the early part of the week is when the most calls are generated.


Points or Calls?

by Angel Putman | May 10th, 2012

Do we buy GRP’s (gross rating points), or do we buy calls?  The answer is really both–in a way.  We buy spots to generate calls, not deliver points.  We use points as a tool for negotiating low rates as well as adding free spots (via quarterly posts).  Stations are held accountable for the rating points that we buy.