The Ultimate Question…

by Arnie Malham | May 14, 2011

We call it the Ultimate Question, but most think this question is fairly straightforward.

“Balancing the agency’s history of accomplishments for your firm with our work over the past 60 days, how happy are you with the agency’s efforts in helping you grow your brand and your business?”

In our inaugural survey in May, 28 out of 63 (44%) respondents participated.  In July, 19 out of 63 (30%) participated.

Thank you.

We will continue to ask this question every two months. We will publish and respond to every (nonpersonal) comment submitted. And, most important, we will endeavor to build on every comment to improve the agency’s work toward building your brand.


No…thank you!

The first two scores of 3.035 and 3.105 were perfectly “average,” which clearly means we have a lot of work to do. No one in our organization wakes up in the morning wanting to be “average.” We will strive in every way to first reach 4.0 (Happy), then 4.5 (Really Happy), and finally 5.0 (Rock Stars

and everyone knows it).

The agency is on an exciting, unavoidable, and deliberate crash course with the future, and we have never been more prepared.

Our Production and Design team continues to create one showpiece after another.

Our Media and YP teams are driving more calls to our firms than ever, and their experience continues to grow exponentially.

PR keeps writing the book on driving positive stories for our firms in every market in which they’re active.

And, as I have continued to preach: No one on earth will have a better Interactive team for lawyers.

Your support and feedback combined with our drive and commitment are a truly winning combination.  Hang on for the best “Turtle Ride” in the business, as you continue to demand and expect our very best.