Highlighting Our Latest Design Approach to Email Templates

by August Smith | June 10, 2024

Digital spaces are in a constant process of change and renewal; it seems like new platforms, apps, and voices emerge every day, and are just as quickly drowned out by others. Despite this, one communication channel remains steadfast at the top of the pile: email.


Newsletters, in particular, are more popular than ever before. While many social media platforms are currently experiencing growing pains and continued legislative pressure, the directness of an email campaign remains an attractive avenue for advertising.


However, that doesn’t mean you need to hang onto dated-looking email templates or risk losing your marketing’s effectiveness. At cj, we like to keep things fresh. So today, we’re thrilled to show off some of our latest email designs. With a keen focus on flexible and user-friendly design, our new template offerings provide a refreshing blend of modern aesthetics and functional performance.


These redesigns were guided by a clear vision: to elevate our email templates’ visual impact and usability. We prioritized dynamic, customizable layouts and seamless compatibility across common devices and email platforms.




By introducing additional modules, we empowered designers to craft dynamic and visually varied emails that capture attention and drive engagement. Furthermore, our commitment to mobile-friendly design ensures that your messages look great and perform flawlessly whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


Embracing contemporary design trends, like leaning into the popularity of “dark mode,” we created newsletters that look sleek and modern and resonate with an audience of all ages and demographics.




Following these redesigns, the most significant change we’ve observed is a decrease in our clients’ unsubscribe rates. Comparing performance reports between our old newsletter formats and the new templates also showed a slight but noticeable increase in click-through rates. These findings underscore the importance of continually refining and optimizing our email marketing strategies to better serve our audience and drive engagement.


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If you’re interested in harnessing the power of our redesigned templates for your own firm, reach out to your band ambassador today. Let’s collaborate to transform your email marketing strategy with a fresh and engaging new look.