Mass Tort Ads: Better Not Call Saul!

by Jenny Madison | March 18, 2016

better-call-saul1Around the cj water cooler, there’s been a lot of buzz about a recent episode of the hit show, Better Call Saul. The chatter was not about the usual appalling ethics of the lead character (PI Lawyer, Saul) but rather a class action television commercial that he produced behind the backs of his colleagues and bosses. Big no-no, right?!

But the spot was rather good, shot in black and white, featuring a compelling actor…a real heartstring strummer. His inspiration came while viewing the firm’s text-only mesothelioma spot. He asked, “What ever happened to showmanship?” That’s a good question, and for anyone wanting to dip their toes in mass tort waters, you may be wondering the same. The short answer is “speed to market.”

The national landscape for complex-tort advertising is the most competitive it’s ever been. When you contact our team to produce a mass tort, it’s our job is to get your commercial to air as flawlessly and quickly as possible.

Producing spots similar to your local PI commercials or going rogue like Saul did isn’t a strategic or sustainable way to approach mass tort advertising. There is a separate and data-driven strategy to be followed.

And here’s why:
Timing is everything when it comes to seeking mass tort clients. When a new product liability claim emerges on the scene, striking while the iron’s hot is essential. We drop what we’re doing to research, write, produce and deliver a clear, effective commercial as soon as possible. Speed to market is our focus.
Marketing for mass torts is vastly different from your usual PI strategies. These spots are informational and focused on the injured person, not about the firm. This is why we typically don’t approach these commercials with the same branding zeal as we do with your local PI spots.
Co-counsel is another element of the mass tort campaign that is very common. We have numerous firms who join forces on these campaigns, combining their ad dollars and power for amazing results. This is often why branding and a firm spokesperson are not the center of the spot.
Simple works. If we were to wait to cast, scout and shoot a spot like Saul’s, you’d be missing out on the first wave of sign-ups. And we just can’t let that happen!
Bar compliance and defamation concerns are always taken into consideration in everything we do, but in mass tort ads, there is usually a major corporate trademark involved. We have to use extreme caution not to say something inaccurate when alerting the public to potentially dangerous defects in trademarked products.

While considering all of the above, our team never sacrifices style and quality in this process. As always, it’s our job to represent your brand, make the phone ring and keep you out of hot water. We inject as much emotion as time will allow, but when time is not on our side, we go with the urgent and direct approach.

If you have questions about the mass tort production process, we’d advise you NOT to call Saul. Instead, contact Senior National Accounts Manager Ben Dozier or Director of National Client Services Beth Sanchez for more information.


Photo credit: Better Call Saul, AMC.