Why Newsjacking Should Be Part of Your Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Newsjacking is a term coined by popular online marketing strategist and author, David Meerman Scott. You may recall Meerman Scott and his book, Newsjacking from Chad’s Dudley DeBookshelf April pick.  As is always the case, there’s a good reason why Chad chose this book: newsjacking is […]

FiSH!: Keep Your Culture Swimming in a Positive Direction

If you’re a cj client or friend of the agency, you’ve most likely heard someone talk about our FiSH! team. Whether you’ve seen our social media posts about FiSH-sponsored events or you’ve visited our office and witnessed grown people dress in camel suits while handing […]

Flying Your Creative to the Cutting Edge

When cj Advertising secured a commercial drone license and two state-of-the-art drones back in 2016, we intended to use them as a way to differentiate our clients’ brands from the competition. Since then, our Creative Services team has exceeded our own wildest dreams with the […]

Daylight Savings Time Is About to Rock Your Law Firm’s World!

Daylight Savings Time is approaching. Most of us embrace the extra hour of sleep we’re about to get in November and dread the hour lost each spring. On the surface, the effects seem like a minor inconvenience—a little lost sleep here, a little shift of daylight […]

Improve Your Firm’s Social Skills

It’s no secret that social media can be an integral part of your law firm’s marketing strategy. Every post is an opportunity to show people who you are and what your firm cares about. But a high level of community engagement is hard to sustain […]

Lower Gas Prices Impacting Personal Injury Law

You know that glorious moment when you hear the gas pump click off and you find out you were able to fill your tank for under 20 bucks? Well, that’s an experience that more drivers have been able to appreciate since gas prices have dropped […]

Self-Driving Car Involved in Fatal Crash

Last summer, we posted a blog about the first injury accident involving a self-driving car. Although the accident caused only minor injuries, it prompted our Creative Services team to intensify our research about the possible legal implications associated with an accident of this kind. Since […]

When Words Collide

As a copywriter here at cj Advertising, I know firsthand that words have power. And I can tell you that we carefully choose the right words to market our clients’ brands. That’s why there’s been a lot of discussion lately in the Creative Services department about […]

The Proof Part 3: Apocellipses!

In the first two posts of our multi-part proofing series, we shared proofreading techniques and the various misuses of the comma. Exciting stuff, huh? Well, maybe not to everyone, but it goes without saying that grammar mistakes distract from your intended messages and can make […]