Flying Your Creative to the Cutting Edge

by Jenny Madison | April 11, 2018

When cj Advertising secured a commercial drone license and two state-of-the-art drones back in 2016, we intended to use them as a way to differentiate our clients’ brands from the competition. Since then, our Creative Services team has exceeded our own wildest dreams with the mileage we’ve gotten out of our drones.

We find that featuring billboards and other facets of your outdoor presence and tying them to the visual landscape of your market makes your brand look impressive in a way that only a drone can. Some of the exteriors (and interiors) we’ve shot on location didn’t have natural curb appeal, but the drone made them look fantastic!

Soaring Above the Competition!

While you may find a few drone shots in competitor spots, none compare to the quality of ours. Because when you book a location shoot with us, drone footage is part of the package, and not contracted out to someone with no creative sensibilities. With our crew, you get two dedicated, licensed, commercial pilots who are also members of our Creative Services team. That means our pilots fly with precision while providing an aesthetic advantage for your shoots.

We’re excited about how much our drone footage has improved our visual storytelling so far. And with every shoot, the images get better, your spots get better, and our team keeps finding innovative ways to fly your firm to the creative edge.

Check out this video to see all the ways we’ve enhanced your creative with the cj drones.

Reach out to Director of Creative Services Jennifer Floyd if you have any questions or would like for us to fly your way for a location shoot.