EXP Shooting Tips Part 3:  Community Events

by David Rumsey | June 4, 2015

diyAt cj Advertising, the law firms we represent are famous for being leaders in their respective communities. They organize their own charitable initiatives and support a bevvy of existing non-profits across the nation.

Anytime one of our law firms participates in an important community event, we want our EXP cameras there rolling. The video footage creates great PR for everyone involved, and we can use the video in numerous advertising platforms down the road.

But unfortunately, as the limits of time and space would dictate, we can’t shoot ‘em all. To make sure our clients are able to capture these wonderful opportunities, we created EXP Shooting Tips Part 3: Community Events. If you have an event on the horizon and are thinking about shooting it yourself, you MUST watch this video.


For help implementing the tips in this video, contact Production Manager Drew Williams. If you’d like to coordinate a location shoot to coincide with an upcoming community event, contact Creative Strategist Bill Filipiak for the option that fits your needs. Thanks for watching.