EXP Shooting Tips Part 4: B-Roll

by Jenny Madison | July 2, 2015

black-outline-white-camera-film-negative-coilHere at cj, we take pride in telling the stories of our clients. Whether capturing their client testimonials or staff interviews, storytelling is at the heart of what we do here in Creative Services.

Although the spoken word is a great way to deliver important brand messaging, one of the most effective methods for storytelling is showing the story. And we do this by shooting supplemental footage that our editors strategically sprinkle into broadcast spots and web videos. This footage is called b-roll, and it’s what brings your stories to life. That’s why EXP has created a new Shooting Tips video that explains how law firms can shoot their own b-roll. Take a look:

vlog#8 - Higher

Our EXP team shoots as much b-roll as possible during our scheduled visits with clients. But what we know for sure is that there is never enough! Just follow the tips, send us what you’ve shot, and we’ll make beautiful videos and commercials together! If you have any questions about shooting b-roll, feel free to contact Production Manager Drew Williams.