Behind the Media Curtain: Media Team Processes Explained

by Laura Hudson | January 23, 2015

This multi-part series will explain how the cj media team gets things done.

With over 160 processes in the media department, if you’ve got a request, question, or issue, chances are we’ve got a process for it.

Low calls this week? Got it.
Stations fighting with carriers? This one too.
Pay per inquiry? Yep.
Stations offering packages? Check this as well.

Our processes range from the mundane, such as requesting credit with new stations, to the unlikely but important handling of local events and disasters.

In an effort to be more transparent, Angel (Director of Media Services), Darron (Manager, Local Media), and I (Media Project Manager) will be explaining our processes in an upcoming series of blogs. We’re pulling back the media curtain so the great and powerful Oz can be revealed.

Stay tuned! This is guaranteed to be exciting.*

*Disclaimer: Excitement is a feeling based purely on personal preference. cj, the media team, Angel, and/or Arnie are not responsible for any lack of excitement over the processes produced by the media team.