Amazon Prime Adds Ads | What You Should Know

On Monday, January 29, 2024, Amazon will switch ALL of its Prime users from ad-free to ad-supported. You can pay an extra $3/month to remain ad-free, but estimates suggest that only about 30% (at most) of users will make the change. So, figure something like […]

CTV (OTT) “Works”

We hear it all the time. This anecdote or that one-off comment but really, what does “works” mean?    Let’s start by talking about ‘conversion.’  That word alone has so many definitions, and context is everything. It’s used in everything from football, to religion, to […]

What Does the Future of TV Look Like for the PI Industry?

We’ve been talking about OTT and CTV for a few years now and studying it for even longer. OTT has been around for more years than you may realize, but it hasn’t been incredibly relevant for our industry until recently. And the big question remains: […]

Station Carriage Disputes Still Happen. Here’s How They Impact Your Media Buy.

There was time when we had high hopes that station disputes would be a thing of the past. We were young and naïve; it was a different time. Before I get too weepy about the days of my youth, let’s recap. What Is a Carriage […]

Coronavirus: How Will It Affect Your TV Buy?

What is it? Coronavirus. COVID-19. Breaking news. Natural disasters. Recession. Impeachment. Political spending. 2020 has asked 2019 to hold its beer, and that means there is plenty of breaking news to go around. This could be causing disruption in the TV marketplace, meaning a couple […]

OTT, CTV, VOD, SVOD: WTF – What Does It All Mean?

The big buzz words around these days are OTT and CTV. It seems that the two acronyms are interchangeable depending on who you’re talking to. Sometimes they are included in the over-arching umbrella of digital, and sometimes they aren’t. Again, it depends on who you’re […]

Do Streaming Services Know How to Reach the Masses?

This year’s Super Bowl broadcast had all the usual suspect advertising we’ve come to expect with Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, car makers and Doritos. But there were also at least 6 subscription streaming video services running ads during the game. Why would a streaming service choose linear […]

December spending: Keep it or kill it?

Rumor and folklore say that calls are terrible in December and we should all just save our money. Everyone is travelling and holiday planning, throwing off all our routines. Data warriors that we are, we did some comparing to discover just how true or false […]

Another Blackout? Come on guys, get it together.

DISH is at it again. We talked about their fee dispute with Sinclair last year. The largest blackout in U.S. history ensued, affecting 79 markets. The Federal Communications Commission got involved, and they finally worked out their differences.