Media Myths Debunked

by Arnie Malham | March 28, 2012

Recent Media Placement Strategy Myths Debunked…

Myth #1: Fifteen (15) Second Spots Work Better than other Spot Combinations.

In repeated and documented studies, all attempts to replace our proven strategies of spot length combinations with an abundance of standalone 15 second spots have proven not only unsuccessful, but also detrimental to short and long term call results.  These tests have been repeated often with the same results.  Standalone 15 second spots as a primary strategy DOES NOT WORK!  This strategy is wasteful of your time, production energy, and agency resources that could otherwise be better directed to productively serve your brand.

Myth #2: Getting third party media expert to review your current buy will help create several ideas on ways to improve your schedule.

Query me this…. Who has more legal media buying experience than your team at cj Advertising?  While many boast of their experience in other industries and how their average client achieves reach and frequency quotas of “who cares” and “it does not matter,” no one has placed more ads, created more success, and tracked more results for lawyers than your dedicated and knowledgeable team at cj Advertising.  If you do meet someone with more Legal Media Buying Experience, please introduce us.  We will immediately offer them a job or bring them in for a contract consultation on your account (and other accounts) at our expense.  Our experience measures at $235 Million since 1998.  We are happy to talk to anyone with even $100 Million on their list of credentials.

Myth #3: Your media buyer does not look at your buy unless you tell them to.
WOW!… Quite the Contrary. 

Our media buying process works better than a Swiss watch.  Every decision and action we take is based on “Facts not Fiction.”  Our decisions are based on numbers, formulas, and proven strategies; NOT guesswork and personal preference hocus pocus.   Every month your specific buyer and our dedicated media team follow a documented and proven multi-step process.  This allows our team to examine your firm’s specific data, gain clear understanding of your results, and remain aware of any changes in the market in order to decide if any shift in your buy is warranted, or if status quo will achieve – and is achieving – the desired results.  EVERY MONTH, we go through a complex and diligent process to ensure the best combination of spots, programs, and strategy are all working for you!

At the end of the day…
No agency in the entire world is set up to track your data, document your results, negotiate harder on your behalf, or hold your stations more accountable than your media team at cj Advertising.  Hard data backs each of the three Myths Busted above.  If you’re not convinced, please… ask us for more information so that you can be.  This will save everyone a ton of time and ensure our best efforts are focused on doing our jobs rather than constantly and repeatedly disproving the theories of all the snake oil, full of poo, holy grail promising people you meet.

As the title of a book by one of my favorite author’s says… “beware of naked man who offers you his shirt,” and look for more myth-busting in future communications.