Learning from the Desert

by Arnie Malham | October 25, 2012

Along with a host of cj clients (10 firms) and hundreds of other business leaders from around the country, Jimmy and I just returned from 2 great days of learning at Gazelle’s Fortune Growth Summit in Phoenix.  What a kick into the future!

While many are spending their time in lawyer-based conferences and seminars, a small group of brave cj group based lawyers and support staff (25 large) dominated a large section of the audience and drank knowledge (by the gallon) from some of the best business minds in world.  See the entire lineup at www.gazelles.com, including Jim Kouzes (The Leadership Challenge), Anne Morriss (Uncommon Service), Richard Moran (Sins & CEO’s), and many more.

The refreshing part was that the teaching and learning were both from a different perspective.  Our pioneering group gained from absorbing the information out of the typical legal frame and thus our minds were open to expansive possibilities that typically don’t exist at industry-based events.

Richard Harris commented that this conference made him think “deeper” than any recent conference.  David Henson commented that he was able to escape the typical trappings of legal think.  Mike Rainwater is now ready to turn “try” into “do” for his firm.  And veterans of growth conferences Danny Daniel and Jonathan Stark both agree that it is the only way to stay in front of the competition.

My Top 3 Takeaways

  • Precision marketing is the next revolution.
  • Marketing starts and is propelled with Culture, and Culture starts with Leadership.
  • Average is not a successful destination for anyone.

Obviously, 8 great speakers can’t easily be summed up in a quick blog post. But I wanted to shout about the groups feeling of success.  If you are curious about more, I highly encourage you to ask someone who attended and look into the upcoming summit schedule for May 9 and 10 in Orlando.

 Attendees / Pioneers:

Phil Harmon; Carter Mario Injury Lawyers
Tom Teodori, Ben Boscolo, & Barry Chasen; Chasen Boscolo
Phil Kearns & Hank Heidenreich; Crumley Roberts
Danny Daniel, Jonathan Stark, & Corey Cormier; Daniel Stark
Claudia & Doug Zanes; Zanes Injury Lawyers
Steve Fleschner; Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin
David Henson; HensonFuerst
Rick Harris; Richard Harris Injury Lawyers
Mike Rainwater, Stephen Holt, & Bob Sexton; Rainwater Holt & Sexton
Sam Aguiar & Craig Tscudi; Aguiar Law Offices
Arnie Malham, Jimmy Bewley; cj Advertising
Jay Thomas; Legal Intake Professionals
Chris Stovall; Malham Leverage Group