Keeping the SPOTlight on Your Calls

by Tinamarie Vedder | July 28, 2015

You flew to Nashville and worked with our Creative Services team to produce a set of memorable direct response TV commercials that are meant to encourage injured people to call your firm. Your Client Services team decided which commercials to traffic for each of the stations that your Media Buyer bought media time on. All the commercials have been sent to the stations by our Traffic Managers and are ready to air. And if you’re watching at the right times, you just might see yourself on TV. Calls seem to be coming in and cases are getting signed, which tells us that your new commercials are working. But, how can we prove that these commercials really work?

You’ve heard it many times — we’re a data-driven agency, and we track everything we possibly can. Simply put, we want to make the best marketing decisions with everything we do for you, and data helps make this possible. I can’t say it enough, but I’ll say it again: It’s very important that your weekly call data is accurately recorded. We attribute a call that comes into your firm to any commercial that ran within eight minutes of that call time. Because your commercials are primarily direct response, injured people are likely to pick up the phone after seeing one of your branded commercials.

Each month, your Traffic Manager checks every invoice to make sure the right spots run and call data is matched to the run times for each commercial. We can see how many times each spot ran, the number of direct response calls attributed to each spot and the percentage of calls attributed to each spot. All of this helps us keep your cost per call at a reasonable amount, which we also factor into consideration.

We recommend allowing a spot to run at least 100 times before determining how effective it is. If we notice that a particular spot generates fewer calls than your average, we take action. We may swap that commercial out for one that does perform better, or increase the rotation percentage of the better performing spots. It’s all about finding that sweet mix and making changes that produce the most quality calls, and therefore signups, for your firm. Again, that’s why accurate call data is very important. We’re tracking everything and using your data to make the best decisions for your firm.

For any additional thoughts or questions, please reach out to your Client Services team.