Burning Questions

by Arnie Malham | April 14, 2008

Hey, did Jimmy pass the bar? And how is he planning to use his law license?

Is that EXP thing working?

What really happened to Bill?

What’s a “Slingbox”?

YES, Jimmy did pass the bar! Jimmy has worked exceedingly hard during the past few years to accomplish this goal, and we are incredibly proud and applaud him for all his efforts, including this crowning achievement. During those same years, we have been given several suggestions on how Jimmy’s law license might best serve the agency and its clients. While I never doubted that Jimmy would ultimately be successful, we still have not firmed up any definite plans on this topic. I can report that so far, Jimmy has received job offers from Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana. You guys are ruthless. More information to come.

For the pioneering firms that have given EXP its launch, they are enjoying an incredible number of people viewing the video. Case form submissions continue to grow and all seem reasonably pleased with the addition. Has it been revolutionary? Yes. Has it doubled case form submissions? No. Are more innovations on the way? Definitely. EXP is now launching a “Lobby Video” product and an “Infomercial” product. EXP also have expanded its offering to include both Mass Tort Updates and Investigative Reporting. Another interesting sign, EXP has at least three copycat competitors so far.

Bill Filipiak served the agency with great effort and positive impact for more than two years. However, as the agency’s needs changed, the work we needed from our Creative Director changed. I am confident both in Bill’s future success in a different environment and in our new Creative Director’s future success here at the agency. Help me welcome Mark Trew into his role here at the agency. Mark starts on May 12, and we are all excited about the new opportunities.

A Slingbox allows us (the agency) in Nashville to watch TV in your market via the Internet. This ability in turn allows us to regularly build a library of competitive spots from each of your markets for analysis and improvement of our own (thus your) creative. Many of you have already seen the benefit of the Slingbox and have received DVDs of your competitors’ spots for review. Eventually, all the competitive spots along with all of the competitive spending information will be available online through an exclusive and custom-built cj technology product. With a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to watch the TV spots in your market. Trust me when I tell you that it will be more fun than watching Jerry Springer every day. (Read the cover story for more details.)

Have more questions? Be sure to add them to your next conference call agenda, and I will do my best to answer.