Thank You for Making cj Conference 2013 a Success!

by Renee Brank | October 1, 2013

Agency clients,

Thank you for supporting and attending our 2013 (and 12th annual) client conference! This year’s unplugged format has been described as our most engaging and informative conference yet.

Special “shout out” to our 2013 Partner of the Year, Dudley DeBosier. 

Special “thank you” to all our presenters:

  • Clients (Carter Mario, Dudley DeBosier, Sam Aguiar, and Jonathan Stark),
  • Key Vendors ( Andy Bailey and Elizabeth Crook),
  • and all our subject matter specialists at the agency.

Special “recognition” to our great sustaining sponsors:

Remember—those crazy enough to think they can change the world, actually do.

-Arnie Malham Founder/President cj Advertising (19 going on 20)