Station Client Relationships – The cj Way

by Laura Hudson | March 3, 2016

Business MeetingIn the advertising world there is a long-standing unspoken “rule” that if an advertiser has an agency of record, all information, pitches, offers, tickets, incentive trips, everything flows through the agency first. I mean, who wouldn’t want first dibs on a tickets to an Adele concert or a trip to Belize? Agencies have long threatened decapitation of any station rep who dare to contact the client directly…but not cj.

Around here, we encourage station-advertiser relationships. We believe that we’re all in this together and the relationships that our clients build with station reps only strengthen our ability to do our job. If we’re all on the look-out for the best opportunity for the client, then guess who wins? Everyone. And that’s what we’re all about.

The more we all communicate, the better for everyone. We are looking for results, and positive brand exposure. When station representatives understand that we (the agency and client) are a team, they work harder to achieve our goals. There is no reason to run to “mom” because “dad” said no. This team makes decisions together. Stations realize that we really do communicate with each other and we‘re a united front. Thus everyone knows the expectations and reps are able to provide the best service.

At the end of the day, we want what is best for our clients. Especially when we’re talking tickets and trips– those are for clients. That’s always been the case with cj and will never change.