Countdown to Conference

by Arnie Malham | July 23, 2010

As cj Conference 2010 fast approaches, the agency’s primary focus remains on “client projects,” followed by a move to our new building (currently under renovation). Last up, the clients are coming!  The clients are coming!

With all our energies focused on those three priorities, a few things about the conference are going to be different from years past.  At the 2010 conference, you won’t see brand videos, camel awards, empowerment videos, or many of the “show” elements you have grown accustomed to. Instead, this year’s conference will feature two remarkably relevant and inspiring speakers, plus agency- and client-led topics focused on growing your practice and your bottom line.

The two speakers? 

The first is Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, author of The Culture Code, the incredibly intriguing, bestselling book on consumer response to brand messaging. Expect Dr. Rapaille’s presentation to permanently alter your perspective on marketing and consumer response.

The second speaker is Barrett Ersek. I recently heard Barrett at an entrepreneurial conference on the campus of MIT. I knew immediately that I wanted him to speak at our annual conference in Nashville. Barrett’s topic is titled “The XFactor.” Hearing about it will likely have an extreme effect on how you approach the operational and bottleneck issues your firm and the entire industry face. Much like last year’s speaker Cameron Herold, Barrett is a game changer.

Mark your calendars, make your plans, and get ready for a lot less show and a lot more substance at this year’s conference. Be prepared to share, be prepared to learn, and get ready for a conference with heart, focus, and an eye on making you and your firm even more successful. I can’t stress enough how much value and inspiration I believe you and your key staff will take away from this event.

Be sure to visit for the most up-to-date information. We’ll keep working on our priorities, you keep working on yours, and we will all look forward to seeing you in Nashville on September 30.

p.s. This year we’re experimenting with a new approach to offsetting the expenses of hosting the conference. We’ll divide by number of clients the balance not already covered by sponsors and send you a bill after the conference. If you get nothing out of it, pay us nothing. Or pay us what you think the experience was worth.