One of our own has published a book!

by Jordan Redfearn | May 15, 2012

Our own Jenny Hickman recently fulfilled her dream of getting her book, The Mirrors at Barnard Hall, published. The cover is designed by cj’s own Matt Davis, and it is now available to purchase! You can buy it from Amazon, digitally or in print.

“Callista Franklyn’s return to her family’s mansion in the English countryside stirs up more than memories of ghostly childhood friends when she discovers the very real, and very handsome, Nick Dalton in the reflection of her antique mirror.

The problem? Beyond the fact that he appears to reside in a mirror, historical records say Nick died in 1902.

Callista is intrigued by Nick’s claim that the year is 1902, so she investigates and uncovers a timeline of suspicious crimes and enchanted mirrors that connect her to the twentieth century. She also realizes that she’s falling for Nick, who is condemned to be murdered in August.

As the date of Nick’s impending death approaches, Callista must decide if she’s willing to risk changing history and erasing her place in the modern world in order to prevent the tragic crime and save the man she loves.”

-from Jenny’s website.