Conference 2012 – Engage and Fascinate!

by Arnie Malham | June 13, 2012

Last year’s 10th annual client conference was arguably the best one yet. The 2011 conference featured Interactive and Production Showcases along with great contributions from our featured speakers Randy Street (Who!?) and Joe Calloway (Category of One). We honored Bill Berg as our 2011 Partner of the Year as well as Bill Mattar, Rick Harris, and Bill Berg as Innovators of the Year for the past three years.

Here’s a quick look at plans for the 2012 Annual Client Conference (September 19-21):

What’s the same?

Wednesday night welcome dinner at Jack’s, Thursday night celebratory dinner at Aerial (overlooking historic Broadway), Camel Awards, recognition of our Partner and Innovator of the Year, continued spotlight on Production and Interactive, and some necessary work-like updates from our exclusive comparison/exhibit book.

What’s different?

Thursday Show Host: Your host and MC for the day will not be Arnie. It will be last year’s closing and highest rated speaker in cj Conference history, Joe Calloway. Joe will ensure the highest level of engagement possible as he weaves in his own remarkable insight into a day packed with agency and client-led presentations and discussions.

Beat the Clock: This year’s topics will be rapid fire and limited in time. Our goal is 9 client-led and 9 agency-led presentations/discussions.  You won’t want to miss a minute, because if you do, you might miss a lot!

Friday Morning Keynote: Prepare to be FASCINATED by this year’s headliner, Sally Hogshead. Sally is a world class speaker, educator, and entertainer. cj is co-sponsoring this event along with the local Entrepreneur’s Group.  The audience will be one-third cj clients, one-third cj staff, and one-third local business owners who are members of EO Nashville. You will be receiving a copy of Sally’s book over the summer, and if you have any doubt on the value of your attendance, just ask Carter Mario or Danny Daniel who both saw her speak in Phoenix last fall.

Please make your plans now to attend, including selection of additional attendees from your firm, room reservations at the Hilton, and flights as necessary. Ideally, please find your way to Nashville by 6pm on Wednesday, September 19, and hold your departure until after Sally’s must-see presentation (after 11:30am) on Friday, September 21.

See you then or sooner!

Arnie Malham