BusinessTN’s Hot 100 List

by Jordan Redfearn | November 18, 2009

Every year, BusinessTN picks 100 emerging companies to compile in a big list for people to check out.

So how did we get picked for BusinessTN’s Hot100 list this year? Here’s what they had to say:

Selection is based on numerous factors, ranging from revenue and employee growth to growth over a period of years, growth as compared to industry average, projected growth and projected pitfalls, among other criteria. But the Hot100 also involves editorial judgment. While most of the companies reflected here applied to be considered for the list, some were chosen by the editorial staff at BusinessTN based on awareness of a company’s success or references from knowledgeable sources about area companies performing well. A handful are even selected for their promise of near-term growth, which, combined with their stories, snugly fit the list’s mission to identify “hot” companies.

Thanks for picking us!