How Does Our Growth Help Your Brand?

by Arnie Malham | December 9, 2007

The agency is bigger than it has ever been. Over 50 employees serving 37 law firms.

While it all started with just TV & Production, the agency has grown to include Yellow Pages, Web, Database Mining, Mass Torts, & Public Relations.

Now we have a new service. We believe the EXP News Network will redefine the how video is used on the web and will drastically improve the ability of your website to turn visitors into inquiries. Literally sight unseen, at least 11 our clients have said “sign me up”… We are launching the service on or before January 7. (I encourage you to log on to the sites of Hughes and Coleman, Crumley, Steinger Iscoe Greene, HensonFuerst, Richard Harris, Joye, Daniel Stark, Walter Clark, McDivitt, Stewart and E Eric Guirard to witness the impact of this exclusive option.) These pioneering firms have rewarded our efforts and I want to express my sincere appreciation.

Obviously, No other legal based agency in the country matches our offerings.

The agency’s Yellow Page team continues to bring sanity, organization, and efficiency to the practice of Yellow Page advertising. There is no other company offering these services in such a niche market. Two Third’s of our clients have turned their yellow page management over to us. Thank you for your trust.

We have exhaustedly surveyed the world of web marketing for lawyers. I can factually tell you that our web team achieves more and charges less than any other agency or company in the business. Short one, every firm the agency serves uses our web services. We appreciate your confidence to help so many navigate this ever changing and challenging tool of the future.

Our print department is helping more and more firms discover the power of regularly mailing their databases and our PR team continues to find ways to impress with proactive programs like “My PSA contest”.

Our mass torts department is now proactively tracking over 50 mass torts. Our Mass Torts Matrix puts the information you need to know about each tort at your fingertips. What, how much, who wants it… and now, thanks to the Norris Brothers, we have directly linked the forms you need on each tort in the matrix. Everyone who has toured the matrix ( agrees, this offering is unparalleled.

Of our 37 firms… Only a handful of firms use all the agency services…. But for those that do, the magic of true 360 degree marketing will likely be their reward. What’s next? Where will our momentum take you? Stay tuned.