Early Bird Special for January & February

by Bill Filipiak | September 18, 2014

For Creative Services, the past year has been one of our busiest ever. We’ve done 27 shoots, for 24 clients, and produced nearly 400 commercials and Web videos! It has taken some careful planning in order to pull it off, and even then, our dance card got pretty crazy.

To ensure we’re able to accommodate everyone’s needs in 2015, we’re getting an early jump on the coming year. As we start filling up our calendar, we have a special offer for firms who book now for studio shoots in January or February of 2015.

Here ‘tis:

Book Now for 2015 and Get Free Spots!

The first two firms to sign up for a full studio shoot* in Nashville for January will receive two additional 30-second spots at no extra charge. Likewise, the first two firms to commit to a February shoot in Nashville will receive one additional 30-second spot at no additional charge.

That’s two free spots for a January shoot or one free spot for a February shoot. Your deadline to sign up is by the end of this year’s cj Conference (Friday, October 3rd) or until all spots are full.

A first-quarter shoot is a great way to get a jump on your competition while injecting new energy into your marketing. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this unique offer from our Creative Services department, contact your Client Services representative or me at bfilipiak@cjadvertising.com.

We look forward to working with everyone in 2015 on new creative for both broadcast and Web, but you better book soon.

The offer starts now!

*Regular studio packages include six 30-second spots and two 10-second spots. 

Photo credit:  Sarah Lee