What’s In a Name? The .law Question

My ten-year-old son came to me recently asking for a pair of Converse sneakers. “Everyone’s getting them. They’re the hot new thing. They’ll make me cool! They’ll make me run faster!” This came roughly six months after he HAD to have a new pair of […]

Early Bird Special for January & February

For Creative Services, the past year has been one of our busiest ever. We’ve done 27 shoots, for 24 clients, and produced nearly 400 commercials and Web videos! It has taken some careful planning in order to pull it off, and even then, our dance […]

What’s Your Story?

What will your firm accomplish in 2013? What extraordinary things will your staff do for your clients, for your community, and for your practice? More important, what will you do to capture those moments and share them with the world?