Conference Success/EXP Looks Forward

by Arnie Malham | October 8, 2007

Looking in the rearview mirror, most everyone would agree that the 2007 (cj) Client Conference was a huge success. From the open house to the final presentation, the attendance and participation was phenomenal. The effort of our entire staff was matched only by the enthusiasm of all the attendees. The Camel Awards kept smiles on everyone’s faces, and the departmental presentations keep everyone informed, but it was the launching of the EXP News Network that caught everyone’s imagination.

Since the conference, several departments (IT, Programming, Web, PR, & Production) have been working together to turn this forward-thinking concept into a reality. At launch (expected the first week of January 2008), EXP News will offer two weekly news updates, feature a healthy library of stories focused on primary practice areas, and be in a position to consistently deliver custom feature stories for all of our participating firms. I am confident that no other firm or group of firms in the country will be able deliver such an extraordinarily differentiating product. And remember, as a client of cj, being a member of the EXP News Network will be your exclusive right and absolute advantage in the marketplace.

My praises to Josh Talkington and Ben Rigsby for their complete ownership and determination to drive this opportunity; my appreciation to the many clients who committed to being a part of EXP before pricing was ever established; and my welcome to everyone who will most likely make EXP a part of their future marketing plans in the coming months.

For your convenience, the complete EXP pricing schedule is provided in this One Shot. Most everyone in the agency and even a few clients have told me that this product is terribly underpriced. While I realize this service may not fit everyone’s marketing plans and budget, I do feel that it offers tremendous value and potential to the firms that can participate. Let’s grow it together and take pride in how it will begin to redefine your communication efforts with your potential clients.