Arnie on cj Advertising’s National Advertising

by Arnie Malham | December 29, 2007

Q: How does national advertising differ from local market advertising?

A: Spots placed locally on broadcast stations or inserted on local cable only air within a designated market area (DMA). Spots placed on cable nationally air on that cable station in every market across the country.

Q: Why has cj Advertising chosen not to place ads nationally in the past?

A: Clients airing spots locally (within their DMAs) typically do not compete with one another, and thus cj can maintain market exclusivity for each client.

Q: Is cj now considering producing and placing national advertising for its clients?

A: Yes, in fact a small test began in December 2006 when Norris Injury Lawyers ran commercials for injuries that occurred in correlation with the use of the drug Fosamax®. The spots aired nationally over four weeks on The Weather Channel. The results were positive and suggest that we would all benefit from continued efforts in this area.

Q: Why does cj feel the need to begin placing ads nationally?

A: Two reasons with the first and most important being that more and more clients are asking us to help. Some of those clients have already grown inpatient and are placing ads nationally through other agencies. The second reason is economically based. Growth requires capital. As the agency grows to continue to meet the increasing demands of its clients, more capital is required. Revenues produced by national advertising fuels growth that we believe will stimulate better local advertising. Better local advertising strengthens your firm, your brand, and eventually your bottom line.

Q: Have competitors of cj chosen to place ads nationally for their clients?

A: Yes, every serious competitor of cj helps their clients place ads for national campaigns.

Q: Are other cj clients interested in advertising nationally?

A: Yes, other clients have long been requesting assistance with their national advertising goals. Some firms want to individually run ads nationally, while others want to form an alliance that would use pooled resources (with other cj clients) to best target opportunities as needed.

Q: What are the next steps?

A: Over the next three to six months, cj will conduct tests in the national marketplace for various clients as we explore the most effective and efficient ways to drive potential leads via national channels. During this time, cj will work to formulate strategies under which clients of the agency can pool their resources to effectively and ethically share in the efficiencies offered by the national market.

Q: What types of campaigns will be run nationally?

A: Typically, campaigns run nationally will already have been marketed locally. Opportunities like Baycol®, Zyprexa®, Fosamax®, Trasylol®, and Ortho Evra® are all examples of campaigns that may be run nationally over the next three to six months.

Q: Will spots running nationally look and feel like the local commercials produced at cj?

A: While there might be a few possible similarities, cj plans to take adequate steps to ensure that nationally placed commercials look distinctively different from the spots placed locally. Graphics, photos, announcers, and music beds will all be changed appropriately.

Q: If I object to cj placing ads nationally, what steps should I take?

A: I would like to hear your opinion and your reason for it. As we explore this opportunity, we will be listening and learning as we access the value of national advertising to our clients. Your success is paramount to our success, so we will want to take every step possible to ensure that we are listening and learning from you, our clients at all times. I look forward to hearing from you on this topic.