When Leads Are Down, You Don’t Have to Be.

No one likes seeing a dip in new case lead volume, but it happens. All par for the course when running a law firm. But what does a “dip” really mean and when should you start taking action? A dip in new case calls over […]

Three Rules for Outdoor Success

Back in July, Laura Hudson took a deep dive into our outdoor buying strategy and explained the differences between bulletins, posters and “big boy boards.” Overall, you get the best bang for your buck by going the poster blast route – better exposure, larger number […]

Why You Should Attend Vista Conference

Vista Consulting’s annual operations conference is one we look forward to every year, but especially this year since it’s being held in our own hometown. Every year, Tim McKey, Chad Dudley, and friends put on one of the best operational conferences for Personal Injury Firms in […]