Three Rules for Outdoor Success

by Krissy Parson | September 24, 2015

Blank Billboard Still iStock_3398256HD720Back in July, Laura Hudson took a deep dive into our outdoor buying strategy and explained the differences between bulletins, posters and “big boy boards.” Overall, you get the best bang for your buck by going the poster blast route – better exposure, larger number of boards, at a better cost.

Securing the right space is important, but getting the right brand message up on those boards is crucial. We have approximately 5-8 seconds for the viewer to digest, understand, and remember your firm over the competition. Getting the right balance of branding and call to action can be tricky.

Following these three rules can set you up for success:

I know some of you want to tell your firm story and list all the practice areas you handle, but it’s not the smartest move in this type of arena. A cluttered board leads to a wandering eye that doesn’t know where to look next, and then you are a forgotten memory. Not the impact we want to have. Instead, showcase no more than three brand-specific concepts in a creative way. Your combination might be: firm logo, URL and campaign graphic. Or firm logo, partner photo, and community initiative. Keep it simple and follow the less-is-more approach.

Is an injured victim going to drive around to look for your phone number on a billboard? Absolutely not. So why would you want to include it? Outdoor isn’t direct response advertising, so don’t include contact information. The likelihood of the viewer remembering it is slim to none. The only exceptions to this rule are if you have a single-digit repeater or a vanity number. Why? Because those numbers are part of your brand messaging and in most cases, we have creative built around it.

If you only have 5-8 seconds to be memorable, why would you want to duplicate what your competitor is doing? Instead, differentiate by utilizing elements that are specific to your brand – DeVaughn James Wins!, Dudley DeBosier Does Right for Louisiana., Get Carter! The legal industry has moved well beyond the standard “Injured?” terminology, and it’s our goal to differentiate your brand when utilizing outdoor.

Whether you’re an experienced firm who’s done outdoor for years or a rookie in this type of media, we’re always here to discuss strategy around the buy or artwork. Please contact your Agency Client Services team.