Top 3 Takeaways from the Spring 2022 Mass Torts Made Perfect Seminar

Twice a year, plaintiff attorneys gather in Las Vegas at the Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) conference to connect and learn about the latest updates on the hottest mass tort cases. It was a pleasure for me to attend and absorb the current trends, data, […]

Tort Report (da Vinci Surgical Robot Update)

da Vinci Surgical Robot—Update The da Vinci surgical robot, installed in more than 2,000 hospitals across the country, has come under increased FDA scrutiny after a 34 percent increase in the risk of incidents—some of which were fatal—was reported from 2011 to 2012. During that […]

Tort Report (Diabetes Medications Update)

Type 2 Diabetes Medications (Update) Numerous medications used to treat Type 2 diabetes have now been linked to thyroid and pancreatic cancer. Below is a list of products to watch out for. Potentially dangerous type 2 diabetes medications are as follows:

Tort Report (Anemia Drug Recall and Zimmer Spine Dangers)

Anemia Drug Recall Omontys is an injectable drug used to treat anemia in kidney dialysis patients. The manufacturers recalled all lots of Omontys (peginesatide) following reports of serious and potentially fatal hypersensitivity and allergic reactions. These reactions have been reported in patients within 30 minutes […]

Tort Report (da Vinci Surgical Robot)

da Vinci Surgical Robot The da Vinci surgical robot is an advanced surgical tool used in more than 2,000 medical facilities around the world. The robot is capable of performing complex laparoscopic surgeries, such as hysterectomies and prostate removals, while surgeons remotely control the machine […]

Tort Report (Transvaginal Mesh, Dialysis Heart Attacks, and Yaz)

Transvaginal mesh, dialysis heart attacks, and Yaz continue to dominate the national advertising landscape, with 14, 11, and 10 firms, respectively, advertising for those cases across the country. We expect Yaz cases to resolve this year. One of the more recent additions to the national […]

Tort Report (St. Jude Eon and Eon Mini IPG Recall)

St. Jude Eon and Eon Mini IPG Recall St. Jude Medical’s Eon and Eon Mini are battery-powered implantable pulse generators (IPGs) used to manage severe pain. The devices, often implanted into patients with chronic back pain, send electrical impulses that stimulate the spinal cord. As […]

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are currently investigating a multi-state outbreak of fungal meningitis affecting patients who received contaminated batches of epidural steroid injections in their spines. Multiple deaths have been attributed to the […]

Tort Report (Food Mislabeling)

Yaz Update Bayer AG recently told stockholders it has already paid out more than $400 million to settle drug liability claims regarding birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin. Industry financial experts say the company might ultimately end up paying amounts five or six times higher […]