No Fee Guarantee Is Alive and Well!

It’s been well over a year since we shared any news about the No Fee Guarantee®—too long for something with so much significance in our legal marketing world. Our last post was about the trademark meeting federal requirements to be classified as “Uncontestable,” a status […]

Robocalling for Mass Tort Cases

Robocalls are those annoying, automated calls you receive (from God knows where and for who knows what) without any live, human assistance. If you’re a lawyer considering using a robocall system to hunt for cases (mass tort or otherwise) you might want to double check […]

Another Blow for Non-lawyer Investors

Jacoby & Myers, LLP took its argument for removing the restriction on non-lawyer financial investing to federal court Friday, August 19. To say it didn’t go well would likely be an understatement. According to Law 360, the appellate panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit […]

What’s in a Title?

Back in the summer of 2014, a hot topic was a Texas State Bar Opinion designating the use of job titles such as COO, CFO, or CMO as potentially inviting unwanted scrutiny by your State Bar. According to that opinion, giving a law firm employee […]

199…and Counting!

Imitation is sometimes considered the highest form of flattery, but when applied to trademarks, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not long after the “No Fee Guarantee” first went live on Bill Berg’s spots in January 2008, word spread quickly through the legal community, […]

It’s a Win for the Consumer…Really?

There was an article posted on back in February that’s just now getting attention in the IP circles.  It focused on a Wisconsin case dealing with keyword advertising where one firm bought another firm’s name in their PPC program that ended in a lawsuit.  […]

Google says: “We take trademarks seriously”

In our ongoing attempts to get a straight answer from Google regarding their monitoring of trademarks being used without authorization, our interactive team came across a procedure for filing complaints that also serves as a registration portal for trademarks.  Simply put, by registering our trademarks […]

Is Using Another Firm’s Brand Unjust?

At cj Conference 2012, we discussed the practice of buying a competitor’s firm name through a paid search program like Google’s AdWords, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, etc… Is this a smart and/or fair marketing tactic? 

No Fee Guarantee Goes International

The NO FEE GUARANTEE is not just synonymous with U.S. law firms anymore!  It has officially crossed the Canadian border. Now, our good neighbors to the north can enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the NO FEE GUARANTEE when they need it most.