Why You Need an In-State and National Referral Network

by cj Advertising | May 26, 2022

Summer travel season is upon us. And although gas prices are high, airline fares are even higher. This means many Americans will be getting to their vacation destinations by car. The increase in road trippers is likely to also mean law firms will see an increase in people filing claims for crashes outside of their home markets.

Having both an in-state and national referral network is essential for personal injury firms both during summer vacation season and year-round. If your intake team doesn’t have a list of trusted partners for crashes that happen outside of your area, you could be missing out on big cases.

We Can Help You Build Your Out-of-State Referral Network

One of the biggest perks of being part of the cj family is knowing that other firms are also pulling in the same direction as you. We work hard to help our clients build relationships with other firms in the cj family, and establishing and maintaining those relationships makes it easier and more effective when you need help with out-of-state cases.

Both cj Advertising CEO Chad Dudley and I work with firms in almost every state. It’s our goal to help our clients partner up with referral firms nationwide. If you’re working on building your referral network and are missing partners in specific states, we can help point you in the right direction to forge those connections, so your firm can better manage its time and assuage your clients’ expectations.

Industry Conferences Are Great Opportunities for Building Your Network

Industry conferences such as the National Trial Lawyers Summit and PILMMA are both informative and excellent networking opportunities—including when it comes to building a referral network. The next time your firm attends an industry conference, seek out firms from other states to build relationships.

If multiple attorneys from your firm are attending, divide and conquer by having everyone sit at different tables during lunch to cast a wider net for potential referrals.

You can also request a list from the conference coordinator of all attending firms from the states where you need referral or co-counsel partners. Vendors can also provide suggestions for firms that will make good referral partners.

Reach Out Today to Get Started on Building Your Referral Network

Whether you’re building your network from the ground-up or just need to fill in a few gaps, we’re here to help.

If you’re already a cj client, reach out to your Brand Strategist today to get the information and contacts you need to build up your in-state and national referral network just in time for summer road trips to kick into high gear. If you’re not already a cj client, drop us a line at askus@cjadvertising.com. We’d love to learn more about your firm and how we can help.