Social Community Campaigns: An Investment With Meaningful Returns

by cj Advertising | November 14, 2022

The importance of community campaigns cannot be overstated. The opportunity to show goodwill to the people in your community is possibly the most meaningful way your firm can connect outside of helping the injured who call your firm for legal help.

Our team has been singing the praises of social campaigns for a while now, and as we continue to see exciting results and gain new data from these initiatives, the choir is getting fired up!

What You Can Achieve by Doing Good in Your Neighborhood

  • You will build a database of new contacts. As you know, your firm’s database is quite possibly your most valuable asset.
  • Your firm will be top of mind. By engaging with existing contacts, you’ll remind them of who you are and the values your firm represents.
  • You’ll build brand awareness. Nothing beats having your firm name associated with community altruism.

Community Connection = Law Firm Growth

All of the above is happening for cj ID clients as our database-building community campaigns have seen tremendous results over the past few years. As we review recent campaign stats and move toward 2023, we have exciting new data and ad-buying strategies to optimize performance and give more people the opportunity to participate. These strategies, paired with what is inherently true about the power of giving back, make your firm’s investment in your community one with many great returns.

Our digital marketing experts are refining the art of giving, and here are a few results from a recent campaign we are excited to share:

  • Compared to 2021, the average cost per email in 2022 dropped 80% down to $1.73.
  • The total number of emails collected increased by 117% from 4,579 to over 9,500! (even with fewer participating clients)
  • In 2022, social ads for the car seat campaign had -42% fewer impressions. Impressive impressions! That means more precise targeting.
  • Also, we saw cost-per-click decrease by 59% in 2022.

More Community Campaign Opportunities are Coming Up in 2023!

We’re encouraging firms to consider the cost of living, including gas and grocery staples, as you plan your 2023 marketing calendars. There are so many opportunities to show support when it’s needed the most. People don’t forget kindness. They remember when you connect with them in profound ways, and they WILL think of you when they need your services in the future. 

With the current needs of people across the country in mind, we’ve curated four campaigns for cj family members to opt in for in 2023.

Q1 Social Campaign: Book Gift Card Giveaway—Launch Date: March 2023

Q2 Social Campaign: BBQ Prize Pack Giveaway—Launch Date: May 2023

Q3 Social Campaign: Teacher School Supplies Giveaway—Launch Date: August 2023

Q 4 Social Campaign: Thanksgiving Grocery Giveaway—Launch Date: October 2023

Be On the Lookout for More Details!

We’ll have more information to share soon. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about ways to help your community in 2023 or to share your own ideas for giving back, reach out to your Brand Strategist. If you’re not a cj family member and are just passing by our blog, we want to hear from you as well. We’d be happy to discuss how social community campaigns can make a difference for your community and your business.