Take it to the House(hold)!

by Angel Putman | January 26, 2016


What is a “household?”

Nielsen defines it as:
A home with “at least one operable TV/Monitor with the ability to deliver video via traditional means of antennae, cable STB or Satellite receiver and/or with a broadband connection.”

When placing local TV ads in various markets of all sizes, how do you compare budgets and keep it apples to apples and not grapes to watermelons?

That’s where TV Households come in to play.

How do you know if you are spending the “right” budget on TV? Well, that can be a range, but to see if you are in the ballpark, we compare your spending to that of tenured clients that have mature budgets.

What if your market has 300,000 households and another client’s market has 1,000,000? We take the budget and divide it by the number of households. That evens out the playing field. So, from Houston to Rochester, the comparison is accurate.

If you are spending $0.15 per household, then you are probably not spending enough. Consider growing that number in increments and working towards $0.80 per household. That should yield a healthy schedule with spots on every station and 4-5 days per week.

How do we know this? We took years of reliable data provided by clients and divided their annual spend by their total households. These clients’ businesses are mature, and they have built their budgets over many years.

Spend per household…yet another way to use data to make marketing decisions. (And, another peek behind the media curtain.)