Remarketing: Second Chance Conversions

by cj Advertising | December 11, 2014

cj Interactive’s main objective is to capture qualified leads, drive them to your website, and convert them. We have proven success in driving unique (new) visitors to your website, but what happens to the visitors who view your site and don’t convert? To maximize all conversion opportunities, we need to re-capture these lost leads. What’s the best, most cost effective way to do that? Remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing reintroduces your brand and services to former website visitors and gives you a second chance to convert them. Remarketing ads target people who have visited your site with custom ads based on their browsing habits and specific to the content they viewed on your website. After leaving your site, these granular, targeted ads will appear in front of users while browsing other popular Google Partner websites, such as CNN, ESPN, and more. Think of remarketing ads as walking billboards that follow qualified visitors, reminding them of your brand and services.

Example: Workers’ Comp Lead 

  1. Joe Smith visits your website because he was denied workers’ compensation and wants answers. He reads helpful information on why he may have been denied, but is unsure if he has a case—so he leaves.
  2. Your “Injured and Denied Workers’ Comp?” retargeting ad starts popping up in front of Joe as he updates his fantasy football lineup on the next day.
  3. Your ad reminds him that he still needs an answer on why he was denied workers’ compensation and gives your brand top-of-mind awareness.
  4. He returns to your website and contacts your firm for help opening a workers’ compensation case.

Why should you start a remarketing campaign?

Remarketing is extremely cost effective when compared to its counterparts, such as practice area specific PPC campaigns. For $250/month or less, you can secure a steady flow of returning, qualified visitors and increase case leads. cj Interactive will work with you to set your own price and determine a spending cap that works within your firm’s budget.

How do you get started?

Contact your cj Interactive client services representative to start turning lost leads into clients!