Our Video SEO Promise

by cj Advertising | August 15, 2013

This blog post was written by Amie Adkins, an SEO Specialist at cj Advertising.

Your website discoverability and prominence in search engines is all about your ability to create, host, and promote engaging content for your target audience. And as we all know, one of the most effective ways to engage your potential clients is through video content.

With the growing recognition of Web video benefits come companies who guarantee your YouTube video will outrank all other webpages and videos for a certain search term. The glitz and glam of that No. 1 ranking can be very appealing, but let’s not lose sight of your overall goal: to get your target audience to contact your firm.

A YouTube video outranking other websites’ videos, and possibly your own, does not guarantee quality website traffic or conversions.

What we do for you

At cj, our EXP and SEO teams never lose sight of our ongoing video SEO goal: to create and optimize quality video content that drives traffic to and increases the search discoverability of your websites. 

Accomplishing this goal means employing a comprehensive video SEO strategy that focuses on much more than just YouTube video rankings. As Interactive and EXP clients, you receive the following every month:

Onsite Video:

  • Full optimization of all video content parallel with overall SEO efforts
  • Geo-targeted and brand-based titles, tags, scripts, and descriptions incorporated in video meta-data
  • Strategic video placement
  • YouTube referral tracking
    • Monthly Video performance analysis
  • Video sitemap creation and management

Using these tactics in conjunction with your onsite SEO strategy creates greater opportunity for your video assets to act as authority by increasing search engine visibility to their associated webpages. The greater the authority, the greater the page prominence in search engines—both driving higher conversions.

YouTube-Exclusive Video

  • Full optimization of all video content:
    • Geo-targeted and brand-based titles, tags, scripts, and descriptions incorporated in video meta-data
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlet collaboration*
  • Incorporation of social media buttons on channel for increased engagement and connection*
  • Links to website in all YouTube descriptions to drive traffic back to website
  • Customized, branded channel layout for increased brand awareness and design consistency

YouTube works best for building brand awareness as a parallel resource to your website. These YouTube tactics work with your onsite video SEO tactics to drive authoritative referral traffic from YouTube to your website.

Our Promise

Any SEO company that guarantees results should be steered well clear of—no marketing firm can guarantee results. Rather than throwing out loose guarantees, cj’s EXP and SEO teams will give you our quality SEO Promise: to create a strong, long-lasting video SEO strategy for all video content (website and YouTube) that will improve your search engine discoverability and drive quality traffic to your website.

*Optimization available to clients whose social media is managed by cj Advertising