It’s All About the Calls

by Angel Putman | May 19, 2015

Part 4 of a multi-part series on “Going Behind the Media Curtain”

For your Media team, everything we do, every decision we make, is about calls. Whether it’s approving makegoods, running posts, or placing a new schedule—calls are what it is all about.

cjTrack and the reports it produces allow us to track all calls to determine which programs are efficient and which are not. These reports are obviously a very important tool when placing new schedules. However, we also analyze these reports monthly and make changes to existing schedules when needed.

So, is that it? No, we take it a step further.

Year over Year Call Increase

Every quarter, we take a look at the prior year’s average weekly call number for that period. If the average weekly calls for the quarter did not increase by more than three percent, we take action. Action that is, of course, based on data pulled from cjTrack.

We might cut a program or reduce spend on a station in favor of adding dollars to the best possible areas. It all depends on what the data tells us. Our goal is to increase your call volume based on data-driven decisions, not our “gut.”

The Media team is constantly working to increase your calls year over year, and you will always be updated if these changes happen to your schedule. We don’t place a schedule and forget it—and we are always aware of your call volume.

This was your latest peek into the Media processes that you may not know about and another look “behind the media curtain.” Stay tuned for more!