Insurance Spoof Update: It Ain’t “One and Done”

by cj Advertising | October 18, 2013

Do you know why insurance companies create entire campaigns around their signature characters instead of just one spot? Because variety and quality breed anticipation, leaving viewers wondering what they’ll come out with next. Think about it. If Progressive had only created one spot featuring Flo, it would have been nothing more than a momentary blip on the radar, forgotten as quickly as it appeared. Instead, they created dozens of spots, making Flo an icon and Progressive a household name. The result? More calls, more signups, and more dollars.

That’s why we created an entire insurance spoof campaign, because we knew that one spot wasn’t enough to make you stand out from your competition. Like all of our advertising efforts, our main goal with this campaign was to generate calls. However, a close second was to position your firm as the most trendy, innovative, and relatable in your market. You want your audience wondering what you’ll come out with next. Only the complete campaign accomplishes that.

As we’re gearing up to launch the second spot in a continuing series, contact us today to get on board while the getting’s good. You built up momentum with the first spot. Now it’s time to steamroll the competition.