How We’re Improving Your Web Video Presence

by cj Advertising | January 29, 2013

This blog post was written by Amie Adkins, a Video SEO Specialist at cj Advertising

According to, more than 169 million people will watch online videos in the United States during 2012. And that figure will climb to nearly 200 million by 2015.

Where the Web video was once website bling, it’s now a website necessity. And the benefits of implementing Web video content on your website cannot be ignored. Web video is an impactful way to raise brand awareness and communicate information to the Gen Y audience, which is collectively viewing billions of videos per day.

In addition to video being an impactful medium, it also can benefit your overall Web presence by:

  • Ranking videos individually from webpages across all major search engines
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Increasing user time on your website
  • Building brand recognition through vast search engine exposure
  • Educating your potential clients
  • Highlighting your community initiatives

Strategies for Improving Your Web Video Presence

It’s important to approach Web video with calculated tactics to ensure that your brand doesn’t get lost in the saturated world of legal-based videos, which are embedded across the Web today. At cj Advertising, we utilize the collaborative efforts of EXP, Video SEO, and Community Engagement to create a video strategy that helps your law firm achieve its best Web video presence.

  • Create Original and Engaging Content

Creating original and engaging Web video content all starts with unique concepts and talent-driven execution.  As outlined in a recent cj blog post, our EXP team has video originality and engagement down to a science.

  • Optimize

All video content is optimized using geo-targeted keywords and heavy branding in titles, tags, and thorough descriptions. Optimizing your video content will help ensure that the video’s meta-data is sound. Thorough meta-data ensures that your videos are ranking, creating a secondary opportunity (outside of your webpages) for potential clients to find your content and website.

  • Distribute Wisely

You can’t expect to plug in a few keywords and have thousands of video views. Discoverability through implementation is crucial. That’s why we distribute all of your law firm’s video content onsite and offsite using YouTube. All onsite videos are embedded on Web pages with matching relevant content so that both written content and video content work in topical harmony, increasing page rankings. Plus, that video content is optimized with matching website content using call to actions and user-friendly navigation to your firm’s website.

  • Promote and Engage With Your Viewers

Our Community Engagement team shares your videos across all major social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), increasing buzz and brand awareness.

  • Analyze

Knowledge is power. And we don’t just throw these videos to the world and never look back! We evaluate your law firm’s Web videos monthly to see what is working or not working so that we can adjust for improvement. Monthly data retrieving and evaluation is invaluable to our future video content creation and to your firm’s future success.

With Web video evolving every day, utilizing a solid video strategy is essential for achieving your best Web video presence. So if you have questions or want more information about your Web video presence, please contact your Client Services team.