Blog on the Back Burner? It’s Hurting Your Brand.

by Addison Durham | September 29, 2017

Kitchen fireAre you keeping up with your blog? Maybe you’re struggling with the content or doubting if the effort is worth it. If that’s your mindset, beware. You may be condemning your blog to the place where marketing initiatives go to die—a hopeless vortex called the “back burner.” It’s the same momentum-killer that keeps you from reorganizing your out-of-control junk closet.

The difference is—you can shut the door to hide your junk closet, but when readers find a blog covered in cobwebs that hasn’t been updated in six months, your business doesn’t appear to be thriving. It looks more like a ghost town, and there’s no hiding that.

It’s time to revitalize your blog. cj Advertising’s content cavalry is here to help you do it!

Blogging Benefits

Your blog is an effective channel to connect with prospective clients. It complements your branded websites and commercials by standing as an informal, personal, and lasting testament to the accomplishments of your firm.

The benefits of blogging are:

  • Immediacy-Blogs are an accessible platform for content that is too short, time-sensitive, social, or promotional to take up valuable conversion space on your main site.
  • Familiarity-Blogging allows you to connect with existing and potential clients by anticipating their concerns and relating to them in a plain-spoken manner.
  • Authority-A blog with a long history of quality posts shows readers that your firm is a stalwart in your market. By offering helpful tips, relevant news, and important accomplishments, blogging positions members of your firm as experts in their fields.
  • SEO-Blogs help your brand gain page authority in Google search results. When you post blogs for your firm each week, Google gets new and updated content to “crawl” and add to the Google index. The more relevant, fresh content that links to your website, the better the chances are that your firm will rank for key terms in search results.

Let cj Blog for You

While adding a few blogs can’t change your rankings overnight, we’ve seen great success when clients build their blog content over time. Don’t allow your blog to fall into disarray. Let our team research and write content that fits your firm’s specialties. Whether we post for you weekly, monthly, or somewhere in between, our blogging services can meet your needs:

  • Experience-cj Advertising’s content team has published over 5,000 blog posts for personal injury law firms. We adhere to best practices for SEO, content marketing, and bar compliance.
  • Knowledge-Every day, our writers create copy for websites, videos, broadcast spots, and other media materials for personal injury firms across the country. Another content provider may have a steep learning curve to understand personal injury law. We already know your business.
  • Flexibility-Clients typically give us autonomy with their blogs, but some occasionally ask for timely, custom work to complement content of their own. We’ll create a subscription package to fit your needs and make sure you only pay for what you get.

You may be thinking, “Why should I let someone outside the firm write for us?” Here’s why. Even though we don’t share an office space with you, we know your brand (or if you’re new to cj, we know brands like yours). We use our expertise in the personal injury and advertising fields to create relevant, high-quality content that others simply can’t match.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, revamping your old one, or any other of our web services, contact Associate Director of Interactive Kathy Himmelberg or a client services representative today.