Why TV Is Still #1

by Jenny Druckenmiller | October 1, 2015

AA035778 For years, TV has been the best bet for generating calls and the best use for the biggest chunk of your advertising dollars. Clearly, we are not the only ones who think that. An article in Adweek recently reported “With competition from Netflix and a host of new digital video providers, the television industry has undergone seismic changes over the last five years. But one thing has remained constant: TV is still by far the most effective advertising medium.

How do they know? Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media partnered with MarketShare to conduct a study. The outcome? It’s what we already know: TV has the highest efficiency at achieving performance, has maintained its effectiveness, and can be optimized by spending on other data sources to improve performance.

Even with some loss of viewership, TV still has the biggest reach of any broadcast medium. With TV advertising, you can reach more people in a single announcement than you can in other forms of advertising and using additional outlets can increase the effectiveness of your TV campaign.

What kind of TV?

Then we come to the question of which TV option is best. Over-the-top (OTT) is a good supplemental option but not a replacement. There are a ton of options out there in this medium alone. We recently discussed Hulu, but other options include Netflix, Apple TV, and Roku.

TV and Your Ad Dollars

We see TV as the best option for your media buy. We continually review your media buy to ensure that your ad dollars are placed in the most efficient areas. Our focus is to generate calls and an immediate, direct response. As Arnie always says, “TV has the biggest mouth in town.”

As your Media team, we keep up with latest trends and studies regarding the ever-changing media landscape and we will discuss with your Client Services team if any might be a good fit for your needs.