Station Packages: 2015 Re-Cap

by Laura Hudson | May 3, 2016

Weather ExampleLast year, Darron told you about our station package valuation process. When stations send packages, your client services team and your buyer work together to determine whether the offer makes sense from a brand perspective and from a media value perspective.

Your client services team sees every package and evaluates it based on the concept fit with your firm goals. If it is suitable for your firm, your media buyer evaluates the package based on the elements presented. The objective of the package review process is to answer the question: Does the value of this package meet or exceed the cost?

Rather than basing our decision on a gut reaction to the offer, we put values to each component. We understand the importance each dollar spent by the firm, so we work to make sure that the value of the offer is at the very least 100% of the cost. By setting a standard value to all packages, no matter the elements, we can make a data-based decision to ensure the money spent will achieve the value presented.

2015 Station Package Reviews

During 2015, stations sent 240 packages to us for evaluation. Of those, 54 were deemed on-point with the brand enough to make it through to the media evaluation. From there, only 23 met the criteria for purchase, i.e. their value exceeded the cost.

As you can see from the stats, many times the packages don’t make sense for one reason or another, but sometimes they do. When that happens, it can be a real win for your brand.